What Katie Did Next Sponsored by Kiddicare

What Katie Did Next - sponsored by Kiddicare

Kiddicare.com sponsors of popular TV entertainment on ITV are pleased to announce the new series of What Katie Did Next, which once again forms part of Kiddicare’s TV sponsorship this year.

  • What Katie Did Next 3rd series on ITV2 and ITV2 +1
  • 6 weeks from 23/09/10 to 02/11/10
  • 6 x 60 minute episodes
  • 1st showing on Thursdays at 9 pm
  • repeat showings on Fridays at 12pm, Sundays at 11pm and Tuesdays at 8pm

ITV2 cameras continue to follow Katie Price as she goes about her celebrity life in front of the flashbulbs and her life away from the paparazzi as a mum-of-three.

As she settles into married life with husband Alex Reid, cameras will be there as Katie goes on photo shoots, attends celebrity parties and goes about her jet-set lifestyle in her own inimitable style.

There will be laughter, there will be drama, and one thing is guaranteed… There will never be a dull moment as the whirlwind life of Katie Price continues.

What Katie Did Next - on ITV2

Thursday, 28 October 2010, 9:00PM - 10:00PM


In the last episode in the series we join a nervous Katie as she prepares to watch husband, Alex, enter the ring for one of the biggest fights of his career. With the fight over Katie helps Alex to nurse his wounds and adjust to life without a gruelling training schedule.

Katie Price comments: "The usual craziness that goes on in my life, me being honest and frank and seeing what my life is truly like. Nothing is off limits, what you see is what you get. Being a mum of three, taking care of the children, organising birthday parties, book signings. It's a real glimpse into the whirlwind life of Katie Price!"

You must be used to the cameras now?

"I forget they're there, which is why what you see on screen is the real me. I haven't got time to be anything but me. The crew are like mates now."

Do you ever wish the cameras weren't there?

"Not really. It's a reality show after all, so viewers should have see me whether I'm laughing, stressed out...or crying. If I don't want them there, all I have to say is not today guys."

Finally, what is the fascination with people watching the show and your life?

"I don't know, I think people watch it whether they like me or hate me."

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