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Handysitt Logo

In the mid-1980s, brothers-in-law Jan Simonsen and Jens Pisarski were both fathers of young children. One day, they began discussing the difficulty of transporting a traditional high chair in an ordinary car – this kind of high chair is typically both heavy and cumbersome.

Together with their father/father-in-law, Johan Pisarski, the brothers-in-law began to think about how to create a good seat for young children – a safe seat, which was also easy to carry about on outings and journeys. After a lot of thinking, sketches and discussions, joiner-trained Jan Simonsen took up his tools and produced the first prototype of the HandySitt chair in 1987. In time, a small production facility was set up, initially in Jan Simonsen’s garage. At the same time, the product was tested and approved by TÜV.

In 1995, following several years of steadily improving sales on the Danish market, the three innovators decided to try the export markets. Over the next few years, overseas sales were successful, and the company now sells to over 25 countries.

In 2006, the HandySitt range of chairs and accessories was expanded to include a unique children’s lamp that displays a child’s creative development.

The company is now owned by Hardy Mogensen and has changed its name to minui a|s. Currently the company is in the midst of an exciting product development process that will result in exciting new products to make everyday life easier for parents and grandparents with children and grandchildren under 6.

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