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Grobag 2.5 Tog Sleeping Bag - Woodland Tales

Grobag 2.5 Tog Sleeping Bag - Woodland Tales

Suitable from 6 - 18 months

'Gro bag much better quality than cheaper alternatives'

Sam - London

5 star rating
(4 Reviews)
Gro Organic Swaddling

Gro Organic Swaddling

'The swaddling effect recreates the comforting feeling that baby had in the womb and makes baby feel secure...'

Kiddicare Staff Expert - Peterborough

4 star rating
(10 Reviews)

Gro Egg Shell Mikey the Monkey

Gro-egg not included

No rating
(0 Reviews)

Gro Company

The award-winning Gro Company believes that the best way for the whole family to have a great day is to have a good night's sleep – starting with your baby! Creating and producing an array of marvellously comfy products for babies and young children, including the renowned, multi-award winning Grobag, which is recognised as the number 1 baby sleep bag brand in the UK, The Gro Company is an industry-accredited manufacturer of safer sleep solutions. Its aim is to keep searching for simple, smart and pioneering products that provide you and your family with a safer and healthier night's sleep. Also, check out the Gro-clock for toddlers and the Gro-swaddle for newborns.

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