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Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear PLUS Cream

Price: £29.99
(43 Reviews) | Read
WK265245 ~ 545428 (KC09315)
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Since 1978, the Original Slumber Bear / Tummy Sleep's authentic womb sounds have been helping millions of newborns sleep in maternity hospitals and homes worldwide!

In addition to the womb sounds that will continue to lull babies to sleep, the Plus' additional sound features can be enjoyed from 0-5 years!

Sound box has a 5 minute timer to save on batteries, with sound and motion sensors that reactivate recording when Baby cries or the sound box is moved.

Each bear comes with Silkie, the natural bonding aid that retains parents' scent and reassures Baby of their presence.

Sound box includes the following functions:

  • 4 Lullabies
  • Ocean Waves
  • Womb Sound
  • White Noise
  • Recordable
  • Features

  • Brand: Prince Lionheart
  • Colour 1: Brown
  • Colour: Brown
  • Customer Reviews
Average Customer Rating: 4.37     based on 43 reviews
I own two slumber bears which tells you I can not live without it! We bought on the recommendation of a friend and honestly it calms our baby back to sleep probably 9/10 times without us having to do anything. The womb sound is the most effective for us and it activates if touched or if our little one cries. We take wherever we go and I have bought 3 more as gifts for new mothers!
The best purchase I have made
Lisa london
Bought based on the reviews previously seen and definitely not disappointed. Bear is very soft and cuddly and ideal that the sound box can be fitted on the cot/crib if need be. Easy to switch on/off and adjust volume, not used yet as bump is due for a few more months but can't wait to try it out.
My little boy loves the womb and lull y options, haven't even had to record our own! However the bear is bulky and doesn't fit in a Moses basket so we have given it to the older child to play with and just use the sound box! I must say though this has helped our little one settle much better and quicker especially at night.
Worth every penny
Have had the slumber bear for both my children great for a newborn seems to relax babies listening to the sounds particularly I used it throughout the night if they were unsettled.
great product for new baby
Great concept but the sound bite only plays for five minutes, after which it turns off which causes baby to stir and wake herself as she wasn't in a deep enough sleep after 5 minutes. Also the sensitivity of the product is too low so our 4 week old doesn't have a hope of reactivating it once it switches off, which means I have to do it four or five times until she is asleep.
Good product, needs some adjustments