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Poco Baby Hammock Raw Cotton

Price: £169.99
(12 Reviews) | Read
WK272227 ~ 553390 (KC43619)
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The Poco Baby Hammock will give your baby a familiar sensation of its mother's womb enabling your baby to relax, rest, and sleep. Many cultures throughout the ages have relied on this technique to comfort and sleep their babies, so baby hammocks are not new or original, they are however, becoming ever more popular in our society.

This Hammock has not only been designed to create a safe and perfect sleeping environment, but also to ease symptoms of colic and reflux. It also comes complete with a travel bag so your baby can have their own bed wherever you go.


Frame with components, hammock, mattress, mattress cover, spring, spring cover, cross bar, travel bag, pack of 2 sheets with your 12 month guarantee.

  • Longer Sleep Duration
  • Swaddled environment
  • Helps alleviate Flathead Syndrome
  • Portable & adjustable
  • Replicates the movements babies felt within the womb
  • Great air ventilation
  • Suitable from Birth - 9 months (29lbs)

Safety Notices:Suitable from birth until your child can sit up or kneel

  • Features

  • Age From: Birth - 12 Months
  • Brand: Poco Baby
  • Colour 1: White
  • Kc colour 2: Cream
  • Material: Cotton
  • Nursery Furniture Features: Breathable
  • Colour: White and Cream
  • Bed Size: Crib
  • Customer Reviews
Average Customer Rating: 4.5     based on 12 reviews
Having only heard good things about baby hammocks we decided to get this before our daughter was born, as it turns out she was a few weeks early and weighed 3lbs 13oz. Hammocks are particularly good for small or premature babies, the neonatal unit at our hospital even had one for their prem babies. It lasted her well, she settled in it straight away and there were no problems going from this to a flat, non-rocking cot bed. Baby is inches away from the side of your bed, it hugs baby, rocks baby and the end unzips so you can easily have your hand in there to settle baby. Its very easy to assemble, one person can put this up / take it down in about 30 seconds so makes an excellent travel cot, we've taken it away with us numerous times. Yes it may take up more room than a moses basket but i would say baby will be in it longer, it saves you paying out more for a travel cot and it really does help with colic/reflux. It is well made, daughter was in it for six months and our son, 6 weeks old, is now using it. The only negative is possibly the weight guide, 21lbs may be how much the unit can take safely but i dont think a baby of that size would comfortably fit in it, if at all.
Fantastic, esp for small or prem babies
Mandy MK
I received my Poco Hammock today and got it straight together. My baby is 10 weeks and has hideous silent reflux - we spend our lives in the paed office trying various medicines, he cries in blocks of 6 hours full pelt until he falls into an exhausted sleep for 5 minutes before starting again. He will ONLY sleep for blocks of time on my chest. It is utterly exhausting on me, my husband and my elder son, as well as for him, poor thing. He yelled all day today - yelled as I put this together, I picked him up a sweaty mess as usual and placed him in it, he slowly stopped crying. Sat in it whilst it rocked for a few mins and looked around and promptly fell fast asleep. He's been asleep an hour so far - he has NEVER in 10 weeks slept that long off me...... I've actually not known what to do with myself, I've just managed to do some washing and make dinner without screaming or having him attached to me. I am utterly delighted - I really hope it lasts!!
So far, so amazing....
In first few weeks baby didn't sleep well in this and was co-sleeping but switched to this after it was used as a travel cot. He has settled well in it for over 5 months. He seems to particularly benefit from the more enclosed space as well as the movement. When he moves the hammock begins rocking him so it is calms when he has unsettled movement. At 7 months he is quite long in it but still way below the weight limit. He will be using it until he doesn't fit it any more. Only concern is moving him out into something that doesn't rock. My daughter wonders if he will move straight into a toddler bed! Positives are many good nights sleep and settled daytime naps. Ease of rocking it. able to keep 7 month old in parents bedroom. Can easily be moved around when necessary and also be used as a travel cot. Particularly good to feel secure that baby will sleep when you're away! On the negative side it does take up more space than a newborn crib, but not as much as a cot. As he has got larger it is a bit more difficult to get him into the hammock.
7 months and still in this hammock
After having my first child who was such a bad sleeper I looked for an alternative to a moses basket as my husband and I were like zombies and a friend recommended the Poco hammock and I cannot say enough about it, our baby has slept so well from day one and its so easy to assemble and take down when we visit our friends and family, thank you kiddicare for a great product, might have baby number three !!
A life saver, sleep at last
It takes up double the space of a traditional moses basket. Difficult for me to assemble and needed some force behind it to click in. Poor paintwork - I returned the 1st one due to scratches on it and the 2nd one I could not assemble due to poor alignment then found it difficult to un-assemble. I think it would be a nightmare to use as a travel cot as suggested in one description I read. It really is not a straight forward piece of baby furniture. I was really looking forward to using a hammock, based on all the reviews, and one friend managed to use it successfully. Although hers may have been a different brand. I am just glad I had enough time to try it return two and replace with a traditional moses basket. Kiddicare were great with there service. A big shame about the product.
Not as easy as they say !