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Milton Sterilising Fluid 500ml

Price: £1.99
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WK276389 ~ 561852 (KC27336)
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How does it work?

When it comes into contact with protein, Milton Sterilising Fluid breaks down to just WATER and minute traces of salt. It is therefore suitable for baby and has been especially formulated to disinfect all accessories that come in contact with baby's mouth.

Is it easy to use?

Using Milton Sterilising Fluid or Tablets means it takes just 15 minutes to sterilise feeding equipment.

Plus, Milton solution can be kept for 24 hours so you can continue to put items in, and take them out when you are ready to use them throughout the day.

Do I need to rinse everything after using Milton?

No. The Milton solution leaves no unpleasant taste or odour, so there is no need to rinse after use - utensils are suitable for your baby to use immediately.

  • Features

  • Brand: MILTON
  • Colour 1: Blue
  • Steriliser Accessories: Steriliser Fluid
  • Colour: Blue
  • Customer Reviews
Average Customer Rating: 4.5     based on 4 reviews
Very easy to use. I put it in every batch of laundry in the draw. Perfect for when baby has had a nappy explosion and I am washing on low heat. I also occasionally use for cleaning and sterilising breast pump, but I have other products which are more straightforward (not that you can get much more straightforward than putting in a bowl and adding water! !) This is very cheap and the best price I have found.
Great multi purpose
Great Product! I would recommend this product to every one.
I would recommend this product
Milton is really great - cheap and easy to use and you can use it to sterilise anything. I have a microwave steriliser but use this for dummies and whenever we go away as less bulky. Also better than using steam/microwave sterilisers as you can use it for literally anything so when I first weaned my daughter I sterilised all bowls, spoons etc in a big bucket of Milton. It does say on the bottle 'NO need to rinse' but I usually rinse in boiled water as leaves an awful chlorine taste/smell, although it doesn't seem to bother the baby!
Cheap and really easy to use
much better than steaming as products stay sterile for 24 hours in the solution. you can take and add bottles etc to water and sterile within 15 minutes.
easy to use
miss s