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Manduca Front Hip and Back Carrier Red

Price: £99
(32 Reviews) | Read
WK265530 ~ 545713 (KC25098)
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Your beautiful baby loves being snuggled close to you. Indeed, safe baby wearing guidelines recommend your baby should be carried close enough to kiss. And baby's knees should be higher than their bottom for good hip development (the 'M' position).

With the wide padded hip belt and adjustable shoulder straps, Manduca puts the weight where it's best for you. In gorgeous fabrics, and with a built-in newborn support, Manduca baby carriers are perfect from the early weeks to toddlerhood.

The 3-in-1 front, hip and back carrier grows with a child from birth to pre-school (suitable from 3.5kg - 20kg) with a built-in newborn insert for use from 3.5kgs included. It also features an integrated head support/sunshade which can be tucked away when not in use and a fold out back extension for bigger children.

  • 3-in-1 Front, Hip & Back Carrier
  • Wide padded hip belt
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Suitable from 3.5kg - 20kg
  • Built-in Newborn insert for use from 3.5kgs
  • Integrated head support/sunshade which can be tucked away when not in use
  • Fold out back extension for bigger children

  • Features

  • Age From: Birth
  • Brand: Manduca
  • Colour 1: Red
  • Weight Range: 3.5 - 20kg
  • Colour: Red
  • Customer Reviews
Average Customer Rating: 4.69     based on 32 reviews
I got this as my little boy was getting a bit big for our Moby sling and my back was struggling. I was recommended this carrier over similar ones on the market as my son is very tall and I heard this carrier was longer so would suit a tall baby. Firstly, I was impressed by the design. Strong and sturdy but soft it feels like a bit of kit that will last. I love the elastic safety catches that would keep the carrier secure in the unlikely event of the buckles coming undone (very unlikely given that one of the buckles has three release points). Baby is held very securely in the seat in a position that allows their hips to sit in the froglike/M shape position that is best for their joints. Secondly, I have found it easy to use (although I am used to a wrap sling so am not too easily put off). After reading the instructions a couple of times I feel confident putting it on. It is quick enough to pop on and off whilst out and about if you wanted to swap between people carrying or between buggy and carrier. Thirdly, my back can cope with carrrying with this carrier! Because my little boy is big for age I worried I may not be able to carry him for long but the weight in this carrier is on your hips rather than shoulders, the shoulder straps are there just to keep baby in place rather than carry weight so I can carry him without feeling any strain on my back at all. Wonderful! Fourthly, the little details really make this a great carrier; the fold-away hood for sun/rain protection or support whilst baby sleeps; the zip that can be used to extend the size of the carrier; the sheer number of buckles so that you can adjust the carrier to find a perfect fit. Finally (and probably most importantly) my baby loves it. He can look about comfortably and when he gets tired snuggles his head against me for a sleep. I am delighted with the product. I was a bit nervous at the cost that we wouldn't get on with it as there are no sling libraries near me so I couldn't try before I bought, so it was a huge relief to find it such a great buy.
Great for my tall boy and aching back!
I've tried a few carriers and this one is the best. Its comfortable and there are a few ways to carry baby which are all easy to master. Its easier putting baby in with help I find I can't do up the strap at the back when using it rucksack front carry. Its great as it leaves both your hands free when out and about especially great when you need to attend to a toddler too!
highly recommend
I have bought other carriers and been disappointed with various aspects - slings become slack after a while and don't feel secure; hard carriers don't hold my newborn in a great position etc. With the Manduca there's nothing to complain about. My baby feels well supported and completely secure. It took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to adjust the straps for a comfortable, secure fit and then we were away! My small 6 week old son loves being carried in it. My friend has also tried it with her 18lb 6 month old and 2.5yr old. The carrier worked brilliantly for them all. I have lower back problems but have used the carrier for 6 hours at one time and not felt a twinge. I think it is the perfect product and completely fit for purpose. It's the only carrier I would recommend.
Rolls Royce of baby carriers!
Em the carrier
I bought the Manduca to use around the house and out and about- I find it really easy to put on front and back- and my baby is very happy in it for hours.
I love it!
This product is great. My little one wanted to be carried all the time, and this carrier really saved my arms and back. Comfortable, and easy to use. If I ever need to get her to go to sleep, I just pop her in , walk around for a few minutes and shes off. I went along to a local sling library, and borrowed one for a couple of weeks, to try before buying. I highly recommend doing this, there are lots of slings and wraps on the market, but not every one will suit you or you baby, so its a good option, meaning you dont waste money on a sling that you end up not using - as I did prior to this.
comfortable carrier