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Lascal Kiddyguard Avant White 120cm

Price: £145
(12 Reviews) | Read
WK265763 ~ 545946 (KC29510)
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The KiddyGuard Avant is a safety gate which protects your child from dangerous places. It works on the same principle as a roller blind by simply 'disappearing' when not in use.

The KiddyGuard Avant is easy for parents to use one handed, especially important when carrying your child and when not in use, the KiddyGuard Avant rolls out of the way, leaving no tripping hazard.

New elegant design

Integrates beautifully into both classic and modern homes. The mesh rolls into an aluminium casing protecting it from dirt, wear and tear and providing the KiddyGuard Avant an attractive, elegant design.

Minimal space needed

Almost 'invisible' when not in use. Leaves the door or stairway free.

No threshold

When opened, no part of the KiddyGuard Avant is left in your way - No threshold = No trip hazard across the opening

Operate the KiddyGuard Avant

KiddyGuard Avant has a unique Timed Locking mechanism that makes handling the KiddyGuard Avant easy and hassle free. Plus, you have the option to manually open and lock the gate.

Easy to install

Can be mounted inside door and stairway openings, or on the wall in front of door or stairway openings - anything up to 130cm (51 in.) width.

  • Fits openings up to 120cm (48 in.)
  • Minimal space needed
  • No threshold
  • Easy to use
  • Timed or manual locking
  • -Intended for use with children from 6-24 months

Information on attaching the Locking Strip

Release and pull out the gate, hook the locking rod onto the locking strip and hold it against the wall/banister against which it is to be mounted. It is essential that the mesh is evenly stretched across the opening, with no sagging at either the top or bottom.

Locking/Unlocking options:

a)Timed lock - Push and turn the locking button clockwise up to 290?. You will have a few seconds to draw the gate open and closed before it locks. TIP: The more you turn the button up to 290?, the more time you will have to close or open the gate.

b) Manual lock - Push and turn the locking button clockwise through to 310?. The gate will be permanently free to open or close, with no time limitation. The gate will not lock until you turn the locking button anti-clockwise, back beyond the 290? position for timed locking or back to 0? for immediate locking.

Please Note: If there is a Skirting/Base Board on the wall to which the housing is to be attached, a piece of wood, the thickness of the skirting/base board will need to be positioned between the Top Bracket/Top Cover of the KiddyGuard Avant and the wall (Instructions explain further).

Safety Notices:

  • Suitable for use with children up to 24 months of age
  • WARNING — Read the instructions before installation as incorrect installation can be dangerous
  • WARNING — This safety barrier must not be fitted across windows

  • Features

  • Brand: Lascal
  • Colour 1: Silver
  • Extensions Included: No
  • Gate Fitting: Wall Fixed
  • Gate Material: Metal
  • Model: Avant
  • Size: Up to 130cm
  • Colour: Silver
  • Customer Reviews
Average Customer Rating: 4.33     based on 12 reviews
These gates mean that stair gates don't have to dominate your house.
Worth the price
The handyman installed it within 5 minutes, it seems safe and sturdy for the top of the stairs. Quite pricey but if you have a small landing at the top of the stairs and not much space for a gate then this is perfect! Only thing that might be a small negative point is that you always need two hands to open it. So when you're holding baby at the same time it's a bit tricky. Otherwise great product
Does what it says
Super smashing great
Jim bowen
Delivery service was first class. You need to take care to fix the gate holder vertically. Only complaint was that you need 10 screws but the guard only comes with 9.
Fitting this guard
We have a small landing so it is excellent as it doesn't get in the way and is perfect for what we need. It is quite hard to use and you can't do it one handed. But once closed it is really good. Also it is very expensive for a stair gate. We found the kiddicare service excellent. Would use them again.
great stair gate for a small landing.