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Dr Browns Natural Flow Teats Level 3 (Pack Of 2)

Price: £3.99
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WK275549 ~ 561011 (KC19476)
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The Dr Browns Natural Flow Teats have been designed for use with all Dr Browns natural flow baby bottles. The Teats are super-soft, made of high-grade silicone and are BPA free

  • No BPA, PVC, Lead or Phthalates
  • Super-soft
  • Made of high grade silicone
  • Suitable for Infants aged 6 months+
  • Features

  • Brand: Dr Browns
  • Colour 1: Transparent
  • Teat Flow: Medium
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Customer Reviews
Average Customer Rating: 5     based on 7 reviews
My baby boy had troubles with feeding from day 1, constant colicky screaming and drawing legs up to chest and howling for hours. At the time we were using M********e "anti colic" bottles. Dont use them. They do NOT work We changed to DR Brown bottles, and the colicky crys and stomach problems disappeared literally overnight. There are different teats, Stage 1 Newborn -3 months, stage 2 3-6, stage 3 6-9. The only drawback with this product, is the expense, for 1 bottle is a little steep, and couple of quid for 2 teats, but seriously, theses bottles are AWESOME. There is slightly more washing than a normal bottle what with the blue tube and wheel like thing that goes on top of the bottle, but I would seriously recommend these bottles if you have trouble with colic or your baby accepting feeds.
I would highly recommend this product
Very useful for my daughter, who has reflux and needs a bigger teat hole to help get access to the reflux formula.
I would recommend this product
I started using the level 2 teats but when my baby reached 6 months he started pulling his head away from the teat and screaming, also he was not clearing his bottles. I decided to buy the level 4 teats for 9months+ thinking I would save myself some money but the flow was too quick, so I got the level 3 which matches his age range and it is bliss again, no more crying at bottle time and he is clearing his bottles.
You need these if your using Dr Browns b
These have to be the best bottles in the market, used these for my daughter and my son as I tried tomiee tipee bottles first and my daughter used to scream with trapped wind. Bought these bottles and she stopped being sick so much and the screaming went. So when my son was born there was no contest which bottles to use. These tears are fab! Will also use these for my 3rd who is due in June lol
Best bottles on the market
Dr Browns is by far the best and my little girl was getting ready for a little faster flow so bought these and sucking just fine, cant fault the products at all
Great follow on teats
Little L's Mummy