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Dr Browns Natural Flow 240ml Single Bottle BPA Free

Price: £6.99
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WK265404 ~ 545587 (KC19468)
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Created by a physician, Dr Brown's Natural Flow is the only baby bottle with a patented internal vent system that actually helps promote good health in babies.

The Dr Brown's bottle features a patented two-piece internal vent system that works unlike any other bottle design. The vent system fully vents our bottle for vacuum-free feeding, which we call positive-pressure flow, similar to breastfeeding.

As the baby feeds, air is channelled from the nipple collar through the vent system, bypassing the breastmilk or formula, to the back of the bottle. Air never mixes with the breastmilk or formula which minimizes oxidation and helps maintain essential nutrients like vitamins C, A and E.

Helps Maintain Vitamins C, A & E

Patented internal vent system is proven to minimize oxidation of breastmilk and formula, to help maintain essential nutrients.

Positive-Pressure Feeding

Fully vented bottle design provides vacuum-free feeding similar to breastfeeding.

Helps Reduce Colic

Vent system eliminates negative pressure and air bubbles to help reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas.

  • BPA Free
  • Positive-pressure, Vacuum-free feeding
  • Helps reduce colic, burping & wind
  • Helps maintain vitamins C, A & E
  • Babies feed more comfortably
  • The breastmilk or formula flows freely, without nipple collapse.
  • Colour of Valve may vary
  • Features

  • Brand: Dr Browns
  • Colour 1: White
  • Kc colour 2: Transparent
  • Material: BPA Free Plastic
  • Model: Natural
  • Colour: White and Transparent
  • Customer Reviews
Average Customer Rating: 4.57     based on 7 reviews
Seems to improve colic symptoms
I would recommend dr brown bottles
don't stop at the ugly and colourless design because the ingenious system is brilliant no air gets into the teat while feeding my baby would not take any opther brand of teats except closer to nature but it was too big and blocked her nose so I will stick with those. Plus I love the various speed. medium in other brand flows too quickly, here there are 4 speeds, not 3
best bottle for my baby, air free
Have been using Dr Browns as was recommended to help with colic, they have worked wonders so have continued using them. The only problem with them is that they leak quite a bit and are a bit more of a pain to wash, but when your baby has colic its worth putting up with.
Brilliant!!! BUT....Leaks
i think this product is excilent started to use as my son had bad colic, reduced it by half hopefully ther be none soon
these bottles r brill
I BF and FF - and was looking for a bottle that would be easy for my BF baby to use and that would minimise spit up of milk. I had intially used avent but my baby spat up alot of milk with these and found flow of milk too fast. Dr Browns bottles definitely minimised spit up and the flow of milk was alot better. But these bottles leak if shaken and sometimes leak if assembled incorrectly or in a hurry (which happens alot when you have a little baby screaming for milk). They are also a pain to clean, so again when you need to clean in ahurry, not so good. But will stick to these now as hoping my 6month old will sonn move tot using a cup. For the next baby, will try NUK as they are supposed to be good, but without the fiddly bits.
Good but leaks!