Tips for great holiday photos

Top tips for brilliant holiday snaps of your little ones

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Holidays are a great time for capturing memories, here’s how to make sure your snaps are truly album-worthy.

1. Get to know your camera better, before you jet off. Check out the instruction booklet to see what you can do when you switch from auto to manual.

2. Avoid direct sunlight. You’ve longed for it, but sunshine can result in photos of your children squinting or with dark shadows on their faces.  Find a shadier spot or wait until the sun goes behind a cloud.

3. Shoot towards the sun for less formal portraits and landscapes and you can get a beautiful glare effect. Crouch down to your children’s level with the sun behind them and you can also create a silhouette effect – great for pulling funny poses!

4. Get in on the action. Taking good action shots on holiday is easier if you’ve got good light. Make sure your shutter speed is fast or if you have it, switch the camera to ‘sports mode’ and join in the fun to get the best shots.

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5. Take photos of the things your children will remember about the holiday. Meals out, the cat that lived near your apartment and popped round for breakfast, or the funny souvenirs they spent their pocket money on! You can talk about those pictures with them for years to come.

6. Off centre is best for landscapes - imagine your viewfinder is split into thirds, with 2 lines running horizontally and 2 lines running vertically. Place your family along one of the vertical third lines, so they are off centre in your shot and have twice as much of the landscape on one side of them as the other.

7. Prove you were there too, not just behind the camera. Get some shots with all of you together by setting the timer, or ask a passer-by to take a picture for you.

8. Don’t forget the essentials. Remember the battery charger, plug adaptor if going abroad, spare memory card and whatever you do keep your camera safe in a case, away from sand and water.

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  1. Great photos – I’ve just looked at the website and would love to have photos this good of my kids! Thanks for the tips.


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