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Blogger event at Kiddicare Hayes

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Ah happy days. Today we welcomed nine of our favourite bloggers to celebrate the opening of our new store at Hayes in West London. (No small milestone as it’s the last of our ten stores to open – phew.)

OK let’s introduce you to the crew. Below left is the lovely Rachel who writes Confessions of a SAHM as well as contributing to our Kiddicare blog. She says: “With four kids – two in pushchairs – I hate going shopping but it’s SO child-friendly here. It’s just made for kids. I love that everything’s in nice easy sections – no hunting round the store for stuff.”

Hayes bloggers

The Power Mum Award goes to Mags (above far right) who writes Mummy’s Space. Mags brought her entourage of four year old Ben (who LOVED it under the Dinky Dancers parachute!)

Ben under the parachute

…as well as and three month old twins Zachary and Zoey. Mags multi-tasked magnificently throughout the event telling us: “the Kiddicafé is great – a really good selection of food – I love the colouring in for the kids!”

Mags newborn twins

Now we’ve long been admirers of Kip Hakes‘s excellent blog so it was a treat to welcome him to the store. Here he is with wife Lorraine and 15 month old James with the blonde hair and the BIG smile.

Kip and family
Says Kip: “I really like that you’re encouraged to try everything out. With the baby carriers you can get a load down and try them all on.” Here’s James throwing some serious shapes with his hula hoop.

James with hula hoop

It was a real pleasure to welcome AK of My Buggy Junction and her cheeky-chappy Finn (who has a special place in our hearts we don’t mind admitting).

“I’m loving the bib bunting in the Feed Me area” she says. “It’s all the little details that really make Kiddicare stand out. When I go to Mothercare it feels so bland and they don’t have as much product either. I’m really looking forward to the extension of the maternity range – I’m 13 weeks pregnant so I’ll be needing it soon – the 0% finance too!”

AK & Finn

Below is Donna of Redhead and Baby Led with 2 year old Athena and 12 week old Troy who you can just see peeping out of his papoose. (Gorgeous names no?)  Says Donna: “I just love how family friendly it all is. The changing bit is great – the owls hanging from the ceiling are a wonderful touch to keep little ones happy. I’m a huge Kiddicare fan!”

Donna, Athena and Troy

Next we’d like to introduce the impossibly cute 11 month-old Tia and Tia’sMum12 aka Kelly. She tells us: “You just have to look up! It’s so easy to see where everything is. Just lovely! Tia’s favourite parts are the definitely the Kiddicafé and the play area.”

Kelly and Tia

Becky (below) writes Being Mum Today and – mid-hula with 20 month old Daisy – tells us: “I love the fact it’s all so spaciously laid out. It’s not at all overwhelming or manic.”

Becky and Daisy

Lauren of Mummy Is A Gadget Geek says “Enfield is our local store. Our kids love going there for a day out – it’s a great rainy day activity!” Here she is measuring up with 4 year old Sebastian and below is two year old Daphne getting all snuggly.

Lauren and Sebastian measuring up   Daphne says night night

Anna of The Playroom Blog brought a trio of handsome sons including Tamin aged three (below) who LOVED the Dinky Dancers session in our Event Room. “The play area in the cafe is such a good idea” says Anna “you can sit in peace while the children are entertained. The buggy MOT is really interesting too. I thought I’d have to buy another double buggy but I’ll see if I can get it serviced instead. I’m going to tell all my friends to come here!”



  1. Thank you for a fab day i love the picture of Finn and me on your blog! Finn loves watching his new train dvd and calls it his kiddicare dvd we will be back soon!! AK

  2. Thanks for such a great event, we had lots of fun and it was lovely to meet you all. I love the new store, will definitely be heading back very soon again.

    • Thank you Mags! Great to meet you and your lovely too. Hope to see you again soon, Vicky x


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