Let’s review… Kiddicare Cribbs Causeway

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It’s official. I have found mine and Annie’s new favourite shop, the Kiddicare store at Cribbs Causeway, pull up a chair and let me tell you why…

The car seat section with its fab queuing system. To avoid ‘waiting-in-line-with-grumpy-children’ syndrome you put your mobile number into a touchscreen and you’ll get a text when it’s your turn (obviously designed by a parent!).

All the price tags are electronic, so if a price changed online it can be reflected in store instantly, which is a fantastic idea.

The staff were all lovely and helpful without being intrusive, and they all knew how to talk to the kiddos without sounding patronising or fake. And I really liked the fact that everything was on display ready to fiddle with, try out and get to know before parting with your cash.

Annie loved how many toys were on display, she thoroughly tested ALL of them.

Ez loved the range of unusual toys, particularly the range of Tolo First Friends, he chose a blue stegosaurus and ‘Spike’ didn’t leave his hand until it was time to pay 4 hours later!

We enjoyed a snack and lunch in the cafe, all the food was fab with a great range of healthy, appetising food for the kiddos. Both of them loved the play area and I loved the fact it had a latch on the outside so I could feel safe knowing that one of them hadn’t made a dash for escape the second I turned my back.

Possibly our favourite bit of all though, and this may sound odd, were the toilets! Oh my word, they were amazing, each cubicle in the ladies was the perfect size for me, Annie and the buggy. The best bit? The side by side Mummy and kiddo toilets!!


We were lucky enough to be given the chance to try out a Caterpillar Music class in the in-store event room and both kiddos loved it.

The clothes ‘islands’ had see through backs so when Annie dashed off to see the next ‘thing I really need’ I could see where she was at all times.

The store layout was really nicely thought out, each section was clearly labelled so if you only needed nappies you could dash in and avoid the toys and clothes if you had the kids in tow and needed to be quick.

We really did have a fantastic day out and I can’t wait to go back.

Find your nearest Kiddicare store here.

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