Cornflake cake fun!

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Bob loves to bake! She definitely takes after me in that department! I do a lot of baking and I always like to involve Bob. I haven’t let her bake my famous cupcakes yet as I am worried about her eating the raw egg, but she loves baking biscuits and cornflake cakes.

I find cornflake cakes great for baking with Bob as she can be involved in most of the process. Obviously I don’t let her melt the chocolate, but she enjoys doing everything else. She stirs up the cornflakes and raisins – we add raisins to cancel out the chocolate! She stirs in the chocolate (when it has cooled) and she spends ages spooning the mixture into paper cases. Like all children though, she can’t help herself and has to taste the mixture at various opportunities.






With cornflake cakes the options are endless! We have made cherry & dark chocolate, raisin & white chocolate, marshmallow & milk chocolate and we can’t wait to try many other varieties! Any suggestions, please share!

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