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Whether or not you are on a budget, you could probably still do with a family holiday this summer: time to be together somewhere new, a chance to unwind and enjoy a break from routine.

So we asked financial adviser Becky Goddard-Hill for her top tips on maxing the fun while reducing the cost (and your carbon footprint!) Here are her ideas for great low cost holidays in the UK…

Youth hostels

These are not what they used to be. I am happy to report many are much plusher and in some places you can even get a room just for you and your family. I would strongly advise having a look at this option. It’s cheap as chips, many lend out bikes, enable you to save cater and have lovely rambles all around. Check out YHA for more information


Increasingly popular – camping is no longer the domain of the hardy hikers. Many families embrace camping in all its forms as it is a cheap option for a getaway. Don’t worry if you like your little luxuries. I have friends who camp, getting their water from streams (gulp!) to those who don’t even take tents but turn up to have everything set up for them , electrics supplied and even swimming pools! You can camp on the wild Yorkshire Moors or by the coast in France. It is an option well worth exploring. There really is something for everyone.

House swaps

These may sound a bit odd but are guaranteed to bring a change of scene. Basically you swap your home with a complete stranger and go and stay in theirs. Photos etc are of course exchanged but I guess there could always be an element of surprise. I have checked out houses in our area and it is honestly described – It may be worth a go? Take a look at UK Holiday Swap Shop to get more of an idea.

Visiting friends

This is always a good option, particularly if they live somewhere quite different to you. Remember though they’ll probably expect an invite back. If you have too many kids for this to be practical or not enough holidays from work available, why not suggest a house swap with your friends instead of a visit? They may think it‘s a great idea!

A ‘Staycation’

This means being a tourist in your own area and having a holiday from home. Visit the local sites, eat differently, simply relax for a few days, totally break with normal routine and have lots and lots of lovely family time. This is by far the cheapest option, the greenest and you can uncover some real local treasures right on your doorstep.

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  1. Great article! We have recently had two camping trips with different groups of friends…we wanted an affordable way to get away with our friends. Everyone had the most amazing time, spent very little money and the kids enjoyed being outside all day everyday. Think we have all caught the camping bug a little, and there’s talk of squeezing another trip or two in at the end of the holidays!
    Think the House Swap idea is interesting too, so off to check that site out :)

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